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Sports Chiropractic in Johnston

Founder of the Chiropractic Health & Wellness Clinic Dr. Aaron Giddings has decades of experience working with athletes. As a gym owner and fitness trainer, he understands the importance of spinal alignment, especially as it relates to performance. Dr. Giddings is here to help you heal and stay on top of your game through comprehensive, specific chiropractic and wellness care.

From weekend warriors to seasoned professionals, our practice welcomes athletes of all levels. Find out more about what we offer and how we can support you before, during, and after your most active season.

Heal Naturally, Perform Your Best

Unfortunately, in the world of all things active, injury is common. Chiropractic care is designed to help the body heal and thrive without unnecessary drugs or surgery.

With us, each adjustment is delivered according to the individual’s needs and performance goals. Whether you are suffering from limited mobility or a specific injury—Dr. Giddings is here to listen to your concerns, find the root cause of your symptoms, and help you return to the field stronger than before.

Heal naturally and perform your best, starting today. Be sure to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. We are happy to put you at ease.

Come Comfortable: Preparing for Your Appointment

We want to make the most of our time together. Our practice recommends coming dressed comfortably, wearing clothing that allows you to move freely. Rest assured, we will be here to explain every step of the process and answer your questions throughout your appointment.

Comprehensive Care

Dr. Giddings realizes no two athletes are the same. In addition to chiropractic care, the Chiropractic Health & Wellness Clinic offers acupuncture, massage therapy, and physiotherapy to expedite healing and promote long-term recovery.

Please note that our approach is individually tailored. Frequency and duration of visits depend entirely on your condition and your personal goals.

Get Started

Ready to recover and maintain an active lifestyle? Our practice can’t wait to work with you.

Don’t wait—contact us to get started!

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