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About Chiropractic Health & Wellness Clinic

Man at reception deskOur practice has been the chiropractic pillar of Johnston and surrounding areas for nearly 30 years. When Dr. Aaron Giddings took over in 2010, he dedicated himself to continuing the legacy of generation natural healing and wellness begun by those before him.

For nearly 15 years, our mission has remained to provide our community with quality, affordable pain-relief and wellness care in a comfortable and caring environment. We hope to not only alleviate your pain, but to educate and inspire our patients to actively participate in their own well-being.

Dr. Giddings and his chiropractic team are here to get you out of pain and help you live your happiest, healthiest life.

The Chiropractic Health & Wellness Clinic Difference

We take the definition of a “patient-centered” practice literally. Here, that phrase means that we provide all of our services with utmost compassion. In addition to complimentary consultations, below are a few of the ways our practice fulfills that promise.

  • Streamlined onboarding
  • Affordable care
  • On-site X-rays
  • Emergency appointments
  • Walk-ins available
  • Same-day appointments available
  • Appointment options 6 days a week
  • On-Site Therapies

Our practice is dedicated to getting you in for an appointment within 24 hours of inquiry. You can be confident that we will do everything in our power to get you out of pain, doing more of what you love as quickly as possible.

Your Wellness Partner

Our practice is committed to doing all we can to assist you in healing and reaching your goals. Whether you are looking to get out of pain quickly, correct underlying issues, maintain your joint health, or a complete lifestyle makeover, we are here to support your decision. We are more than your chiropractor—we are a partner in your wellness journey.

Join Us Today

From babies to elderly adults, we welcome patients both young and old, with a range of conditions. You will be surprised how quickly your body responds.

Why wait? Join our practice!

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